21st October " I would just like to share with you all my favourite bit of today's sessions.
Mr parcel man delivered a parcel, but instead of taking it to the house it came through the playroom window!
Jack was so excited by this! It's was for mum but, He decided to open the parcel. He shouted 'THIS IS THE BEST NEWS' whilst pulling on the tab to opening it.
Jacks face was a picture of disappointment when he saw it was nothing exciting and it was ink for the printer! He sighed and passe...d it to Rosie Eva to take in to mum.
He had us in stitches of laughter!!
Note to mum- more exciting post next time hehe!

Jack has said so many amazing words and sentences today and his football skills are on point!! He beat me and rosie at a game of penalties in the playroom!!
GO JACK 🎉 🎉  "   --- Nicola Bennett

6th Jan  "Had an amazing day with Jack today, lots of spontaneous language and participation! Jack's cheeky sense of humour shines through more and more each day. Today he wouldn't let me leave the room after my sessions, taking the key off of me and asking for 'more squeezes'. You're doing awesome Jack, keep going!!!!  "

-- Rosie Eva

8th March 2017 

"Jack said my name for the first time today!!!! "   ----- Naomi Redhead


9th Feb   "Just wanted to share with you all something amazing from today. Jack is becoming increasingly interested in playing football and today I had set up a goal and Jack scored a total of 4 goals against me!!!! I will post a video of the best one tomorrow but I just wanted to say how proud I am of my best friend for trying so hard to participate. Not to mention all the incredible new words and sentences he keeps throwing at us all! It's amazing to see how well Jack is progressing! Session finished off with some cuddles too, thanks for being you Jack. You surprise me everyday"  --- Rosie Eva

11th Jan    "Loved mine and Nikki's session today with jack! Can't believe how much his language has came along over the Christmas break! WOW moments include when he came up to me (while I was pretending to a pig, of course 😂) and clearly said "hiya". Also when me and Nikki were pretending to cry jack came over to me and tapped me on the head and the told me to "shut up" 😂. The most amazing moment was at the end of my session jack turned around and said "wait a minute" and then "I tell her something" and then jack spoke a massive sentence!! It wasn't clear but it's definitely in him and it's only a matter of time! Absolutely loved our session today"     --- Chloe Hinton