• Since Being in the Son-Rise program full-time Jack’s progress has been amazing and noted by everyone he comes in to contact with.

• His attention span has greatly improved and the amount of interaction in the playroom with his volunteers has increased.  He has much more awareness and interest in the world around him.

• With Jack constantly changing and making strides we require team training and support from the Son-Rise teachers in America by telephone and video feedback.  We are presently fundraising for a Son-Rise Program Teacher to visit our home.

•We all know that this is not a sprint and will take time but we all know with all the help and support that Jack and his family is receiving we WILL get out SON back.

• Thanks so much Natalie, Jack and Jack’s Team. 

• Jack was born on 19th October 2003, he was a happy healthy baby.  At 2yrs Jacks I realised Jack was speech delayed and he started speech therapy.

• Aged 3.5yrs returning from a family holiday Jack regressed overnight he no longer played with his toys, instead he pulled at grass and string.  Lost all words he had learnt, no longer made eye-contact and didn’t want to be near people.

 It took over another year before a diagnosis of autism was made and Jack then started at a special needs school.

• At the time of Jack’s fifth birthday his parent’s, learnt about the Son-Rise program and determined to do all they could to help Jack, they converted their garage in to a Son-Rise play therapy room, recruited a team of volunteers who work to “Join” Jack in his world so as to make him feel comfortable and accepted, so that he then joins in out world.