Joining Jacks Team



My Mum and Dad are trying to help me achieve a better quality of life using the Son-Rise treatment and educational programme.


This web-site is to aid my ongoing progress and development and to share with family and friends all my achievements.






· First can you spare 4-6 hours a week to help with my one-one Son-Rise Program.   (please see the volunteers page)

· Please take a look at the ‘ Whats on’ page and see if there is an event you would like to attend  or help us with.

· Please take a look at the equipment needed to help Jack to see if you can donate or help us.

· Enter any of the competitions we may have on.

Hello and welcome to my webpage my name is Jack Peter Armstrong and I am 9 years old, and I have Autism.

This Website was made to see if you can help me overcome my Autism.

So what can you do to help me ?